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Battery Storage for Further Savings

Pairing your solar panels with battery storage allows you to store the electricity your panels generate during the day to use later at night, or when the panels cannot produce energy.

At Solar Sun, our goal is to make homes on the Costa Blanca self-sufficient, while also helping homeowners save money on soaring heating and utility costs all year round. We accomplish this with the latest renewable energy technology.


What We Do

We Design, Supply, Install & Maintain full Solar Energy Systems and Thermal Water Heaters

Save on Electricity

One of the most significant incentives to switch to solar power is the amount of money you will save on electricity bills while decreasing your dependence on electricity suppliers. Furthermore, Spanish electricity companies will credit you with payment to send against future consumption if you generate more power than you can use.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A lack of energy efficiency in houses contributes to increasing carbon emissions, one of the biggest reasons for global warming. When you switch to renewable energy, you lower the carbon emissions produced by your home, which helps protect the planet.

Increased Dependence

You will make your home more self-reliant by switching to renewable energy. Your home's energy needs will be met largely or completely by solar PV panels and air source heat pumps, which will reduce or eliminate your need for external utility companies.

Lower Heating Costs

With our air-source heat pumps, you can save money on heating costs. A heat pump extracts outside air and, using electricity, increases the temperature of the air, then releases it into the home. A heat pump can also cool down a space in hot weather by transferring warm air from inside the room to the outside.

Solar Power Options

Whether you live in a rural location without electricity, or in a town with a grid supply, there is a solar renewable energy system to suit your lifestyle. Generating your own energy and storing it in batteries for later use is one option, or you can produce it daily on demand.

Easy To Maintain

Low maintenance is one of the biggest advantages of solar panels compared to other heating systems. Solar PV panels need only occasional cleaning to function properly and provide your home with ample energy. Heat pumps are also incredibly reliable, so you won't have to spend time or money on maintenance and repairs.

Solar on home roof
Energy From Renewable Resources Is The Future

Solar Panels On The Costa Blanca

The amount of solar power that hits the Earth’s surface every hour is enough to meet all of humanity’s energy needs for an entire year. Solar panels take the sun’s rays and convert this energy into electricity to power your home. Using the sun’s free power for electricity is a no-brainer, and more and more homeowners in Spain are switching to this free energy source. 

Installing a solar system in your Costa Blanca home saves you money over time by reducing or completely ending your reliance on companies like Iberdrola for grid electricity.

We work throughout the Costa Blanca, from Gandia in the North to Altea in the South, and inland to the Jalon Valley. We have installed dozens of solar systems of all sizes in homes in Javea, Denia, Altea, Calpe, and Moraira, among others.

Highest Work Standards

We Are Dedicated To Providing a Professional Service and World-Class Products At Competitive Prices

We offer a free survey and quote service. Our design, supply and installation process is completed by skilled qualified tradesmen. We only use materials supplied by the sector’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of renewable energy products.

Why Wait to Start Saving Money?

With less reliance on high-cost national electricity supplies, we can look forward to a cleaner, brighter future for the generations to come. Join the clean energy movement now!

Solar Panel System Installations

At Solar Sun Spain, we carry out photovoltaic installations of all kinds. Our team of installers travels to homes and businesses throughout the Costa Blanca to install solar systems in rural properties without grid electricity and those connected to the network.

Solar Photovoltaic Installation

Carrying out a solar installation is becoming easier every day because the photovoltaic energy technology sector is continuously developing, so prices are falling, and this type of energy is getting more accessible to everyone.

We design our solar energy systems to simplify the selection of products for PV installation based on individual needs. We offer a free survey so our team can configure a system and accurate quote according to your needs.

Solar Sun Spain employs experienced installers offering complete customer service from survey to design and installation to finally switching on, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We take care of the supply and fitting of all required components. In addition, if after installation you have any questions, we have experts at your disposal who will answer any queries you may have,

Self-Consumption Photovoltaic Installation

A self-consumption system allows you to generate your own energy. They are suitable for all types of properties, including mobile homes, single-family homes, large villas, commercial properties, warehouses, etc.

A PV installation consists of solar panels, inverter, cables, connectors and optionally batteries. With this equipment, we connect a system to the internal electrical network of a building or house. As long as the solar radiation allows it, the electricity usage will come from the panels. At night or during periods of insufficient sunlight, power is taken from the grid.

Phases Of A Photovoltaic Installation

Before buying any solar system components, it is necessary to know how much space is available, where the solar panels will be placed and their orientation. All these aspects are vital to the system performing as well as possible. One factor that most affects how much electricity is produced is how many hours the panels are in the shade.

An installation usually lasts one or two days, but administrative procedures for drawing from the network can take from a couple of weeks to a few months.

With all the components chosen and paperwork in place, the installation steps are as follows:

  1. Installation of the structure on the roof or in the chosen area. Due to its geographical position in Spain, structures to hold panels must incline to 35 and 40 degrees. Once the panels are in place, they must be connected in series, starting from those in the same row and parallel with the rest of the rows.
  2. Inverter connection. Once the panels are connected, they are connected in parallel to the inverter to finish the installation of direct current (DC).
  3. Battery connection. If you have decided on battery storage, to carry out this step, the installation must have a hybrid solar inverter to manage the charging and discharging of the battery. To decide the capacity of the batteries, you have to calculate the energy demand and know the size of the photovoltaic field. While this might sound complex, our experts will suggest the best storage capacity for your power demands and budget.

Sending To The Grid

In a solar system connection, there is a wattmeter. If you produce excess energy, it is sent to an electric company. In return, you will receive a discount on any network energy you consume in the future. Your electric company can provide details on their electricity rates with compensation.

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