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Solar Panels

Benefits of solar panels

Now you know what they are and how they work, we can tell you why to care.

Renewable energy source: Solar energy is accessible for as long as we have the sun, which scientists reckon will be at least five billion years. It’s truly a renewable energy source, doesn’t produce gases, pollute water or create noise. It’s a green dream.

Reduces electricity bills: Since you’ll be generating some of your energy needs from solar panels, your total electricity bills will drop. You can also make money by selling any unused electricity back to the grid. And you can still switch gas and electricity suppliers when you have solar panels.

Timing: Household energy usage needs tend to be higher in the afternoon and evenings, when people are at home. This is perfect as solar energy reaches maximum production around those times. Note: solar panels don’t work at night.

Low maintenance: Solar panels don’t require much maintenance – just cleaning a few times a year. Warranties are usually for 20-25 years and the inverter only needs to be changed after 10 years.

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